This is Bug. She is 17.5 years old and since she started taking Canna Companion, she can jump up to this spot directly or by going up the cat tree. She actually stole this spot from Monkey, a 7 year old cat. Before Canna Companion, she had a lot of trouble getting around comfortably.  Even with the other therapies, she did not like to be petted at all and couldn’t get to the sunny spots she so enjoyed.   Now, all she takes is her Canna Companion. She jumps, plays, eats great, and even enjoys being petted now!  I have had Bug since she was 18 days old and thanks to a doctor friend, Dr. Dave Fleming DVM (practice now in Redmond WA), she lived to be an adult cat. Now, thanks to Canna Companion she is my friend again!!!
~ Lisa, Shoreline, WA