Our Great Dane George is 9 years old, and while we know he’s technically “On borrowed time” for a Dane, George certainly doesn’t know this. His energy and overall demeanor hasn’t changed since he was 2. He’s basically a giant over-sized puppy. His hips had been progressively deteriorating due to dysplasia and arthritis and he had increasingly been in noticeable pain and discomfort. Not to mention it was hurting him to squat and poop so he would hold it… Well, until he couldn’t. Whether it be in our living room or on our bed. We had tried Rymadil and although it seemed to help a bit for the pain, it was really doing a number on his liver enzyme counts.

We had heard from a friend, who had a friend, who had good results with a cannabis product. He had no idea what it was, nor did we. We did a bit of research and decided to try George on Canna Campanion. It seemed a bit of a risky investment at the time because of his size and dosage, we were looking at around $100 for a month’s supply but, as I stated before, we were desperate. It would be one thing if George was an old couch potato who slept all the time but, that’s not what we were dealing with. He would still play with neighborhood dogs even if he was yelping in pain while doing it. So we started him on extra strength for extra large dogs, 2x per day. It said on the description that it would take two weeks to see results and I made note of that.

His condition seemed to keep worsening when we started him on the medication. Then day 11 rolled around… It was like someone switched on a light. Night and day. Happy dog, so noticeably not in pain anymore. He has continued to improve over the last month and a half since we started him on Canna Companion. My wife was exercising him yesterday and made not that he’s no longer running with a “bunny hop” on his back legs, he’s running like a horse again! His pooping problem is also gone. We couldn’t be happier. We know he’s not going to live forever, but at least he’s living in such a better state. We are believers!
Thank you!

Shane, Anne, Georgia, Rocco and George
Seattle Washington