Josh, a 155 pound black Newfoundland, become very lethargic and had low energy and we were expecting to lose him shortly.  We invited our daughter (who obtained Josh for us when he was a puppy) over to spend some time with Josh, and she gave us information she had obtained from a friend about cannabis for animals.  We called and made arrangements to purchase some the next day.  So, on January 21, Josh got his first Canna Companion pill sprinkled on his dinner.  In just 2-3 hours he had perked up and resumed showing interest in whatever was going on.  He remained on the two-pill-per-day regimen right to the last days four months later, eager and happy to do everything that involved being with us, being a dog, walking, playing, greeting, and all-the-while showing no external expressions of pain.  Josh was euthanized on May 22, 2014 at age 8 years and 2 days.  I believe Canna Companion was instrumental in giving him a normal, active, happy life for most of his last four months.

~ Earl, Shoreline, WA