Rusty is our dear family member who is a Shepherd mix and now age 16. Always so active and youthful, we watched with sadness as he had shown his age decline in the past year, which slowed him down and made his quality of life decline. Not willing to throw in the towel, we tried Canna Companion for him. I want to state that we were serious skeptics, and really thought it was a long shot that this would have any positive effect for Rusty. Well, within 2 days of starting Canna Companion, we honestly could not believe our eyes…Rusty was looking good. Now, months later, Rusty is moving around, even trots around the yard, and eats like a horse. If this is a coincidence, then it is the greatest one in history. This former skeptic has to gladly and joyfully say that Canna Companion has given our friend a new lease and serious good quality of life in his “overtime” years. Thank you, Canna Companion, for what can only be termed a miracle for our Rusty. We are happy to put up with his “second childhood,” as, on an almost nightly basis, he starts playing with us at what should be bedtime, and proudly parades around the house with one stuffed animal after another in his mouth. 🙂

Tom G.