Where do I sign up for your miracle drug?  Oh my goodness, TC is an entirely different cat!  He looks perkier, his coat looks better, and he’s gotten his sass back.  It’s his behavior that’s changed the most.  He is venturing away from his couch (‘safety zone’), sleeing in the sunshine atop Tango’s (his not-so-welcome younger brother) perch and sometimes is even standing up to Tango.  He has asked vigorously to go outside on the deck and sit in the sunshine with me, something he’s not done in years.  He really is acting like his pre-Tango self!  Paddles is eating more and appears to have put on some weight.  He’s eating well and is moving his 20 year old joints around the house more comfortably.  I am so pleased with TC and Paddles’ response!  Thanks Canna Companion!

(TC is still camera shy, but Paddles posed for his mom while sitting in his preferred window.)
~ Linda, Seattle, WA