Teddy has never enjoyed camping, hates to be tied up and hates campfires.  He is now so relaxed and happy the whole time — this was our second attempt at camping with him on cannabis.  It has got to be mostly your supplements – I know they really help with anxiety for him  – but we also now have a travel trailer that he knows is home because we have acclimated him to it while it sits next to our driveway at home.  Before that, we tried a tent and the campground rental cabins – not good!  A dog behavior specialist taught me how to get him acclimated to car travel (he used to require medication for car travel) and I used the same techniques to get him used to the new camper, he got all his meals out there and all of his treats too.  So he loves his camper and it is home for him.

By the time I get him lined up for a picture (outside), there is just a blur on the screen when the picture is taken.  So I have lots of shots of him sleeping and lying around the campsite with his arms crossed, looking like all he does is sleep, not so!  He goes on walks and loves to explore the woods and lakeshore with his people.  He seems pretty normal for a dog his age.

It has been almost two years since we have had this much quality time with Teddy, and I’m pretty happy about it!

~ Laura, Hemlock, MI