Just can’t thank you enough for how much Canna Companion has helped Titus be comfy and mobile.  He has been taking the hemp for about 6 months now, every day, and he is better than ever.  I know Titus is very old for a great dane, but I feel like every day we get together now is a gift, and you have helped us with that.  Last weekend I had a 13th birthday party for him with beef layer cake (he got dressed up and wore a neck tie.)  This week he took a 20 minute walk to lake with one of his doggy friends, went swimming, and then walked 20 minutes back!  I’m amazed at what he can do.  He’s acting like he’s 10 years old or something.  He is a happy boy and that makes me very happy.
Thanks again for doing what you do.  It has helped Titus, so many of my patients, and so many others!

~ Stacey Adams, DVM, CVA, Boulder, CO