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How to Use CBD

Size, Wellness, and More

The amount of Canna Companion to administer will vary depending on the weight and size of your pet. Every animal’s natural endocannabinoid receptor system responds a little differently to CBD, whether in capsule or oil form. Different pets may be sensitive to the small amounts of cannabinoids contained in the supplement, while others may seem resistant to labeled amounts. The right amount of pet cannabis for your four-legged friend will depend on their size, wellness needs, and their unique endocannabinoid system.

Canna Companion products are clearly labeled for your pet’s species (cat or dog) and weight. Our sustainable packaging is easy to read, educational and good for the planet. Administration guidelines are based on the average pet’s response with few or no side effects and noticeable benefits. If your pet is overly sensitive to CBD and/or doesn’t seem to feel better after 10-14 days, please contact us our veterinary professionals; we’re here to help.

How Canna Companion Is Administered

Hemp CBD supplements present a simple way to introduce your pet to the beneficial, non-psychotropic cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The right supplement can help improve your pet’s quality of life without the negative effects associated with marijuana.

Canna Companion products are available in oil and capsule forms. Capsule forms are administered orally during mealtime either once daily for cats or twice daily for dogs. Our CBD oil comes with an oral dosing syringe, and the 100% post-consumer waste box has weight-based administration charts so you never have to wonder how much CBD you’re giving.

How Much to Administer

Many marijuana products found in dispensaries lack clear administration guidelines, giving you only a vague idea of what each contains. This makes it incredibly difficult to accurately calculate the proper quantity to take. Fortunately, pet parents don’t have to guess with our CBD supplements because they are carefully measured and crafted to ensure a standardized amount every single time. The amount of Canna Companion to administer vary depending on the weight and size of your pet, and is labeled on all product packaging.

Every pet’s natural endocannabinoid receptor system responds to cannabis a little differently, and different animals may be sensitive to the small amounts of cannabinoids contained in the supplement. Canna Companion is proud to manufacture a hemp supplement that is consistent and reliable from batch to batch and won’t get your pet high. However, some pets may be quieter than normal or feel somewhat lethargic, especially when just beginning the supplement routine. Give the supplement time to work.

For most dogs and cats, the product will take effect in a week or two, but it can take up to a month for some pets to start showing optimal results. See the table below for capsule and oil administration guidelines and suggestions. If you’re unsure, please schedule a complimentary consultation with a licensed veterinary medical professional to discuss your pet.

How it's Administered

Canna Companion should ideally be administered during or after a meal––this helps to minimize gastrointestinal upset and ensure the highest rate of absorption in the GI tract so your pet can make the most of the supplement.

For Capsules: Generally cats take 1 capsule per day, while dogs of all sizes take 1 capsule two to three times daily. Canna Companion canine products are divided into four weight ranges for ease of administration.

For Whole Plant Hemp Oil: Generally, cats and dogs will need 0.1mLs per 10lb. two to three times daily.

Keep in mind the ideal amount to administer will vary based on the size, condition and individual response of your particular pet. Pet parents are welcome to schedule a complimentary consultation with a licensed veterinary professional to discuss your particular animal.

When to Expect Results

Most pets show a response to the supplement within a week, but it can take up to two weeks to see the optimum response to the new supplement routine. Hemp is not a product usually produces immediate results. Some CBD oils, when administered orally, can work quickly, but this route of administration isn’t recommended for most pets. Capsules and CBD oil given during mealtimes is a better way to give hemp as it encourage your pet’s body to optimally respond. It’s important to give your pet the time they need to adjust to the hemp supplement before determining if you need to increase or decrease quantity administered. Please consult your veterinarian before making any adjustments to your pet’s medications. Should you seek additional resources, please feel free to take advantage of our complimentary consultation with a licensed veterinary medical professional to discuss your pet.

Common Conditions Benefited By Hemp Supplements

Hemp supplements are a simple way to support your pet’s endocannabinoid system. That’s why Canna Companion creates products that help support:

  • Age-related joint discomfort
  • Neurological function
  • Immune response
  • Situational anxiety and phobias
  • Normal GI tract health
  • And more

Adverse Events

Because our hemp contains smaller amounts of CBD and only trace amounts of THC compared to marijuana, the risk of adverse effects is quite low with Canna Companion’s supplements. However, mild reactions such as lethargy and softer stool are possible during the first few days of administration. These effects usually subside within a few days without altering administration schedule. In rare cases, more obvious reactions are seen and necessitate a reduction in administration.

  • Extreme lethargy
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Wobbling or weaving while walking
  • Unwillingness to eat

While the risk of adverse events is minimal, it’s always a good idea to observe your pet, especially when first beginning a supplement routine. Some animals are more sensitive to cannabis than others. Should your pet show signs of a more intense reaction, it’s always best to contact your veterinarian immediately. Canna Companion veterinary professional staff are also available to help you and your veterinarian. In most cases, reducing the amount of product administered and at home monitoring is recommended. Rarely, stopping cannabis supplementation is advised. Most pets are able to continue the product at a lower amount without further events, and achieve desired health benefits.

Remember, Marijuana and Hemp are Not the Same Thing

Both marijuana and hemp are members of the cannabis family and both plants contain the beneficial phytocannabinoids and terpenoids used to help improve the overall quality of life for your pet. However, marijuana’s high concentrations are difficult to administer to pets in the correct volume. Most animal-friendly cannabis supplements use hemp as the base ingredient because the quantity to administer is easy to control and the low amounts of cannabinoids present minimal risk of overdose or complications. Furthermore, formulated by veterinarians, Canna Companion allows your pet to benefit from the full value of our proprietary blend of hemp.

At Canna Companion, we use only the highest quality hemp to create our products. Our dedicated team works to ensure each plant meets our unique quality standards and is free of pesticides and chemicals. Our supplements are made to ensure consistency in quality and dosing, so you’ll never have to worry about adjusting your pet’s supplement from batch to batch. We proudly manufacture products tailored to support the functions of both cats and dogs.

Possible Side Effects

  • The most common side effect is mild lethargy which usually subsides in 3-4 days.
  • A less common side effect is softer stools and an increased bowel movement frequency. A less frequent administration typically resolves the side effect.
  • Rarely vomiting or increased skin sensitivity are seen, necessitating discontinuation of Cannabis-based products.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.