Why Hemp is Good for Pets

Why Canna Companion CBD Products are Ideal for Your Pets

Just like humans, pets can benefit from CBD. Whether it’s improving occasional joint inflammation and stiffness in older dogs and cats or supporting neurological, emotional, gastrointestinal, and immune system health, cannabis compounds can help your pet feel better so they can live their best life!  

The Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp for Pets

Cannabis comes in two main types: marijuana and hemp. While marijuana can be beneficial for humans, it is not ideal for pets due to its high THC content. Marijuana contains more THC which can be harmful for pets in large amounts, causing things like:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Urine dribbling  
  • Inability to walk straight
  • Extreme sleepiness 
  • Pacing

Hemp is Better for Pets

Hemp offers a more helpful, CBD heavy compound profile that has just a little THC, providing balance for your pet’s body. When other supportive compounds are added, we can target certain parts of the body. This targeted effect helps maintain healthy digestive tracts, supports normal inflammatory responses, encourages relaxation without sleepiness, and promotes a balanced nervous system.

Hemp Supplements Use More of the Plant

The Benefits of Whole Plant Hemp Supplements

Using the complete spectrum of compounds found in hemp, rather than just one, Canna Companion products give pets increased health benefits and decreased adverse effects like sleepiness or soft stool. This use of so many helpful compounds is called the entourage effect and is a natural way to balance the body.

Why Choose Canna Companion

Our veterinary developed products use specific amounts of CBD relative to other cannabinoids (pronounced ka-nab-bun-noyds), plus aromatic terpenes to precisely target different parts of the body. Each formula focuses on a particular area of your pet’s body to provide a calming effect on nerves, balance emotional responses, and soothe occasional inflammation. The result is your pet can move around easier, feels more relaxed, and is able to engage with the world on their terms – all without excessive sleepiness.

Clear Administration Guidelines, Every Time

CBD administration for pets is largely unregulated, and many products don’t specify the exact amounts of CBD per serving. This makes it challenging to know how much your pet is ingesting. Canna Companion products are formulated by veterinarians, tested for potency, and come with clearly labeled administration guidelines. 

Our CBD capsules are available in small sizes for cats and smaller dogs and slightly larger capsules for bigger dogs, with weight ranges clearly indicated on our sustainable packaging. Most dogs take 1 capsule twice daily during or after eating. Cats usually take 1 capsule per day.

Our CBD oil products include oral dosing syringes and dosing charts, ensuring you never have to guess the correct amount. Cats take 2 doses per day while dogs may need 3 per day. 

Administration recommendations are listed online, outer packaging and the bottle’s label because you shouldn’t have to search for your pet’s CBD dosing guidelines.

Hemp: All the Benefits, None of the Risk

While the compounds in marijuana are not overtly poisonous to most pets, too much THC can make them feel off causing extreme sleepiness and a wobbly gait. Hemp is high in CBD and contains just enough THC to be helpful, not toxic.

Hemp Is Legal

While medical marijuana is legal in most states and recently enjoyed a 2024 DEA reclassification, its possession remains illegal in many parts of the country. Hemp, however, is legal nationwide. Canna Companion products are classified as dosage form animal health products and are manufactured in our cGMP facility in Washington state using organic hemp-based ingredients made under the NASC Quality Seal.

Hemp is an excellent way to introduce the benefits of cannabis to your pet. Developed by veterinarians, our hemp CBD supplements remove the guesswork for you and your pet’s healthcare providers.