Certificate of Analysis

The Importance of Testing

As pet parents, we are naturally concerned with ensuring products we give to our pets are free from harmful chemicals and microbes. We know reviewing ingredients is very important, but it only gives a snapshot of what is or is not in a product. We also want to know what a company does to help ensure our pets’ well-being.

Canna Companion takes testing very seriously. Product samples are sent to third-party, state-certified, cannabis testing laboratories at multiple stages throughout our processes. These laboratories provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) which customers can access any time for our final products. To read more about our testing process, check out this blog series.

See Product Results

Follow these simple steps to access the third-party test results:


Locate the batch number on the back or bottom of the package.


Enter the batch number into the search field and click "View Results".

If you would like a generic COA, that is not batch specific, please contact us here.