6 Benefits Behind Canna Companion’s Veterinarian-Owned and Operated CBD Pet Supplement Brand



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Just as Googling your symptoms can induce anxiety about your ailments, making decisions about your pet’s care solely based on information online is a slippery slope.

While the internet is a fabulous resource for initial learning, your pet has unique needs that even as a pet parent you may not always be aware of. Even if you’re tuned into their signs of discomfort, a professional opinion is always valuable, especially if you’re looking to implement something new into your cat or dog’s care regimen.

The benefit of shopping from a veterinarian-owned and operated brand for your four-legged friend is that you know the Veterinarian’s Oath is behind each and every decision. At Canna Companion, our CBD pet supplements are formulated with your pet’s well-being in mind above all.

Here are 6 benefits behind buying CBD supplements for dogs and cats from veterinarian-owned businesses like ours:

1. Veterinarian-backed formulation

Canna Companion was not developed on a whim. Our supplements are backed by 20+ years of scientific research that includes thousands of patients. We’ve been conducting our own clinical trials to cultivate a deep understanding of how cannabis and CBD work in pets.

The formulation process for our CBD supplement is extremely hands-on. The licensed veterinarians that make up our Consultation department provide direct input about patient care, ECS learnings, and more. All this information gets input into our database which is used by our production teams to design and develop new products.

Our CSO and CEO both design the new products while our General Manager oversees the production, making our Canna Companion suite of products veterinarian-backed from start to finish.

Moreover, these formulations meet some of the strictest regulatory requirements in the industry, awarding us the NASC Quality Seal back in 2021.

2. Wide range of professional expertise

Although CBD pet supplements have to do with a rather specific area of expertise (the endocannabinoid system), our team has extensive experience in multiple areas of veterinary medicine, including, but not limited to:

  • Animal behavior
  • Clinical research
  • Emergency medicine
  • Exotics (the care of non-traditional domesticated pets, such as pocket pets, goats, chickens, parrots, reptiles, etc.)
  • Feline-only medicine
  • Internal medicine
  • Neurological development
  • Oncology
  • Orthopedics
  • Surgery

In fact, at the time of this writing, the Canna Companion professional team has over 105 years of combined experience in the veterinary field.

With such a wide range of interests and experience, we are not only well-rounded in our approach to your pet’s care, but we are also well-equipped to provide you with the right recommendations – whether that includes the use of our products or not.

3. Higher standard of care

With a veterinarian-owned and operated pet CBD brand, you get a higher standard of care. Whereas a typical sales team will try to sell you the product whether you need it or not, our team prioritizes the health of your pet.

This means when you book a complimentary consultation with us, you are not talking to a salesperson; you’re talking directly with one of our licensed veterinary professionals every single time. We’ll take into consideration your pet’s medical history and needs before recommending a course of action.

In fact, we’re the only company in the pet cannabis space where customers get a medical professional to answer their questions, rather than a customer service representative with no licensed medical training in the field.

In many cases, our course of action will include CBD supplements because of how versatile and powerful they are! However, we won’t make that recommendation until we have a full picture of your four-legged friend’s health and feel it’s actually appropriate for their needs.

4. Endocannabinoid system specialization

Our team at Canna Companion has unique insight into how the endocannabinoid system (ECS) functions and how pets respond to external cannabis administration. This means we can help determine the best product for your pet and help you understand everything from how to administer the product to what to do in case of adverse reactions.

Moreover, as federal and state legislations debate on the legal status of cannabis, many vets may not be able to advise you as closely on the unique needs of your pet. Our team, however, operates in such a way that we can provide you with insight as well as a course of action to help give your cat or dog the best possible care.

5. Headache-free educational resources

When we started Canna Companion, the cannabis industry was just breaking from prohibition and no one – not pet parents or their veterinarians – knew anything about the potential benefits of the plant.

As licensed veterinarians, we had already sworn to protect animal health and welfare and promote public health through the advancement of medical knowledge. We felt that accessible, easy-to-understand, and accurate information was (and still is) essential to help provide pet parents with the tools they need to take the best care of their pets.

Once pet parents started turning to CBD, we felt that pet parents should be able to access this education anytime – not just via lectures or podcasts. (Plus, we just like interacting with pet parents.)

Since then, we’ve built out a robust blog of educational resources and provide free consultations – no red tape, no payment, no barriers.

Doing so has given us valuable insight into what people still need to understand, what they are getting online vs. elsewhere, and ultimately allowed us to help correct and then steer misconceptions so that more accurate information about pet CBD is available.

6. Trusted by other veterinary practitioners

Just as our veterinarian team at Canna Companion saw a need for pet parents to get access to high-quality CBD products for pets, other practicing veterinarians were looking for more information to provide to their clientele.

Unfortunately, in many states, the local regulations are up in the air. Though progress is slowly and steadily happening, many vets are unable to aggressively pursue an understanding of the ECS and cannabis administration the way our team already has over the last two decades.

Additionally, while other veterinarians may recommend CBD, in many cases, they are not able to explicitly make that recommendation or prescription.

As a result, Canna Companion has developed strong relationships with dozens of veterinary practitioners to exchange insights and information about patient care and best practices with CBD and cannabis for pets.

What’s great is our network helps pet parents because you get a known, veterinarian-trusted CBD company that can communicate directly with you and your primary doctors.

Learn more about Canna Companion’s CBD supplements for your pet

After years of research and trials, we started making our products available to pet parents in 2014. Back then, you would have had to fill out a patient intake form before purchasing our product and our executive team would contact you directly, one email, one client at a time.

It is this process that has birthed all of our products – three CBD oils and, soon, five different CBD capsule lines. The process wasn’t fast, but it was intentional and extremely thorough. We have built Canna Companion heavily on direct feedback from pet parents.

In addition to developing high-quality pet supplements, we are advocates for all animals to receive the highest quality of veterinary care. If you’re interested in learning more about whether or not CBD supplements are a good fit for your pet, get in touch with our team today for a free consultation.

All Canna Companion Blogs are approved by veterinary professionals, including the product development veterinarians.

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