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5 Signs of a Happy Dog

Have you ever looked at your dog and questioned how happy they were? After all, canines can’t express their feelings as clearly as their two-legged parents can, making it tough for us to pin down their emotional state. Of course, that’s not to say dogs are an emotional brick wall; they’re just a little harder […]

Is it Legal to Give My Dog Cannabis

The public and the government’s stance and perspective on cannabis and cannabis products has evolved from a strict taboo into situational acceptance. When it comes to legalities, the difference between hemp and marijuana is key to understanding the regulations put on any product that is yielded from a cannabis plant. Canna Companion creates hemp supplements […]

How to Get Your Dog Eating Again

More often than not, our canine friends will eat just about anything that looks and smells tasty. That’s why it can be so distressing when they refuse to touch their food and treats. Could they be sick or experiencing situational anxiety? Do their teeth hurt? Or are they just not hungry at the moment? Here […]

5 Bodily Systems Cat Cannabis Helps

Your cat is so much more than a source of companionship and entertainment; he or she is an essential member of the family who never fails to brighten your day, raise your spirits and comfort you. Here at Canna Companion, our mission is to ensure that your precious pet stays happy and healthy for many […]