Amazon and CBD in 2024


Canna Companion, rooted in a foundation of research and commitment to pet wellness, is compelled to draw your attention to a recent investigation conducted by CBD Oracle. This study casts a revealing light on the concerning lack of regulation surrounding CBD products, particularly those distributed through Amazon.

Despite Amazon’s explicit prohibition of oral CBD sales, there’s been a troubling observation: the platform routinely offers hemp products purportedly devoid of CBD. In response to this disconcerting trend, CBD Oracle commissioned a comprehensive third-party study, scrutinizing 56 human-centric, oral CBD products. The findings were not only enlightening but also deeply disturbing, uncovering products devoid of CBD, containing excessive levels of THC, or not even containing hemp despite labeling claims.

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This glaring discrepancy underscores a significant gap in the oversight of CBD product regulation, raising legitimate concerns regarding potential risks to consumers. It’s a gap that emphasizes the critical importance of third-party certifications, such as the NASC Seal, proudly displayed on our products. This seal symbolizes our unwavering commitment to ensuring that our products are rigorously tested and certified to meet advertised standards, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your pet’s health care regimen.


Let’s delve deeper into some of the key revelations from their study.


Background: While Amazon prohibits oral CBD sales, it permits the sale of topical CBD and hemp products. CBD Oracle focused on this latter category, which is particularly concerning for us, as pet “hemp” products are regularly marketed on Amazon under the same set of policies.

Marketing: Labeled claims, regulated by the FDA, are intended to instill confidence in consumers regarding product accuracy. However, CBD Oracle’s findings reveal a stark reality: labeled claims are often inaccurate. Some companies exaggerate hemp compound quantities beyond physical possibility, while others sell products high in THC under the guise of “hemp products” on Amazon.

Impact: While companies like Amazon reserve the right to prohibit CBD sales, it shouldn’t come at the expense of legitimate businesses ensuring product integrity. Allowing unscrupulous vendors to flourish undermines honest companies, leaving consumers vulnerable to misinformation and potential harm, especially in the realm of pet care.

Solution: CBD Oracle proposes two potential remedies. First, allocate more resources to enforce existing CBD-prohibition policies, necessitating ongoing assessment of hemp products available on Amazon. Alternatively, update policies with more permissive language, such as allowing oral CBD products from Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities like Canna Companion. This shift would favor compliant companies and promote consumer safety.


While we anticipate eventual policy updates from companies like Amazon, federal changes within related industries may precede such revisions. Presently, varying state laws regarding CBD sales and constraints within the national banking system pose challenges. As policies evolve in support of integrity-driven companies, Canna Companion stands prepared to offer organic CBD products for pets, crafted in our Washington state GMP facility.

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