5 Keys to Keeping Your Cat Happy



Unhappiness and stress can affect humans and cats alike. Despite their best attempts to appear calm and aloof, cats are very emotionally-sensitive creatures. Significant changes in their lives (such as being moved to a new home, losing a family member, or even a sharp decrease in exercise or activity) can trigger stress in felines.

At Canna Companion, there’s nothing we value more than maintaining the long-term health and well-being of companion animals. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of five key techniques you can use to keep your feline happy throughout every stage of its life.

  1. Exercise your cat daily

Physical activity is an essential component of entertaining your cat. It also helps maintain your pet’s ideal weight and strength. Try to spend about 30 to 45 minutes each day exercising your feline with toys that stimulate their hunting instincts. Bird feather toys, small mice toys attached to strings, and laser pointers will work perfectly. Cats are fickle animals, so split this exercise time into smaller 10- to 15-minute sessions and use a variety of toys to ensure that yours doesn’t get bored. If your feline completely refuses to touch its toys, don’t try to force it to play. Just wait a few minutes and try again.

As your cat ages, its joints and muscles make it more difficult to muster the enthusiasm to chase and bat at fake prey. Experiment with different types of toys, activities, or small doses of catnip to provide motivation, and consider speaking with your veterinarian about using pet supplements to support your cat’s general joint health. Canna Companion supplements even offer GI tract and immune system support for your aging cat.

  1. Create high spaces for your cat to roam and relax on

Most cats naturally seek out elevated platforms and perches. They developed this instinct because high vantage points are perfect for hunting small prey and avoiding large potential predators that can’t climb (like dogs and coyotes). Despite how safe and comfy your home or apartment is, cats just can’t shake their natural urge to find high places to hide and avoid confrontation, especially if there are other animals in the space. Buying a cat tree or two is a great way to offer an elevated space and a fun toy at the same time. You can also use tables, cabinets and shelves as heightened havens for your cat, but take care not to leave any breakable valuables on them.

  1. Provide companionship for your cat

Humans live busy and demanding lives, and that can make it really tough to slot time away for one-on-one time with our family members. Just like any other mammal, cats crave social interactions and experiences, so make an effort to dedicate 30 minutes or so each day toward socializing with your cat by petting and relaxing with it. If you travel frequently, consider adopting a second cat. The two will keep each other company and constantly exercise, through play and chase sessions, while you’re away, keeping them both content and physically fit.

Bear in mind special steps need to be taken if you decide to introduce a second feline into your living space. Cats can be incredibly territorial and hostile toward other adults, so it may be best to look for a kitten, though avoid kittens if your current kitty is older. Two adults can learn to coexist, but the amount of time this takes depends largely on whether both of the animals are calm and friendly toward each other or not. Regardless of the age of your new feline, be sure to use separate food and water bowls for each cat. Using one large dish for both of your pets can lead to overeating, undereating and constant fighting over these resources. Follow this link for a detailed guide on adding a second cat to your home, and be sure to keep in contact with your veterinarian if you need additional advice or assistance.

  1. Set your cat up with visual entertainment

Cats love to observe the world around them. You can stimulate this interest by placing bird feeders outside of open windows in your apartment or home, buying an aquarium or playing videos of nature on your TV. All those intriguing sights and sounds will fascinate your cat and stave off boredom for hours on end. This is a massive boon if you need to leave your cat without company for several hours each day. And if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can try putting your cat on a leash and taking them out a few times every day to explore the spaces near your home.

  1. Schedule regular checkups with your veterinarian every month

Cats are incredibly good at hiding discomfort associated with daily activity. This is another instinctual behavior designed to protect themselves from predators looking for weak and easy prey. This can make it incredibly difficult for owners to pin down whether their cat is distressed or hurting. To ensure that your pet’s daily life is free of pain and discomfort, consult with your local veterinarian to assess their condition. These medical experts can fill you in on any symptoms or injuries your cat is experiencing (including dental issues that are difficult to spot) and provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to assist them.

Use Canna Companion Supplements to Support Your Cat’s Health and Happiness

Keeping your cat happy, particularly as it grows older, can be immensely challenging, but there are resources you can rely on for help. As always, a trusted veterinarian will be your best source of support and counsel when caring for your cat, so take advantage of this relationship whenever possible. Be sure to talk with your veterinarian about arranging a supplement regimen for your cat, too. Canna Companion supplements can help your cat remain comfortable as it grows older and encourage a normal and calm demeanor as well.

Call or message us today to learn more about providing the best care for your cat and ensuring its happiness for years to come.

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