5 Signs of a Happy Dog



border collie running through tunnelHave you ever looked at your dog and questioned how happy they were? After all, canines can’t express their feelings as clearly as their two-legged parents can, making it tough for us to pin down their emotional state. Of course, that’s not to say dogs are an emotional brick wall; they’re just a little harder to read without practice. Fortunately, if you know how to look for a handful of their big tells, it’s pretty easy to determine whether your pup is happy and content or in need of some help.

Here at Canna Companion, it’s our mission to keep your dog happy and healthy well into his or her golden years. That’s why we produce a range of pet-friendly hemp products for canines, including oils and supplements which leverage the power of natural compounds in cannabis to support the health and balance of your dog’s neurological, physiological, immunological and endocannabinoid systems. We’re also proud to provide pet parents with all of the counsel and support they need to assess and improve their canine’s mental and physical well-being. So today, we’ll be taking a few minutes to discuss five signs that your dog is happy and potential solutions you can try if he or she isn’t exhibiting them.

A Healthy Appetite

If your pooch is eager to chow down on a few meals each day, that’s a telltale sign that she’s happy and content! However, it’s important to remember that how much (and how often) a dog eats can vary drastically depending on their breed, age and lifestyle. Feel free to check out this article from petMD for more specific information on how much your canine should eat per day. If you notice a sudden and consistent decrease in the amount of food your dog is willing to eat over the span of a week, then there’s a strong chance she’s experiencing some kind of physical or mental problem. Sharp increases in appetite are also a sign of several problematic conditions in dogs. In any case, you should always take your pup to the veterinarian if you notice a marked change in her eating habits just to be safe.

Lots and Lots of Sleep

Did you know that a healthy and content adult canine is expected to sleep for up to 14 hours every day? When dogs are properly exercised and stimulated, they need long periods of rest to recharge their batteries. So don’t be alarmed if your favorite four-legged friend ends up snoozing away most of the day. It’s perfectly natural! Also, bear in mind that many dogs will catch a nap or two while guarding the house when you’re away at school or work. If you’re really eager to pin down exactly how much rest your dog gets each day, you can set up a few cameras in the house to be sure. You can usually tell whether your dog is getting enough sleep based on their energy levels and mood. Exhausted dogs will be reluctant to play and may seem depressed. Regular visits with the dog health experts at your local veterinary clinic are the best way to confirm that your pup is catching enough sleep.

A Calm and Relaxed Demeanor

One of the quickest ways to assess your pup’s level of happiness is by examining her demeanor. You can do this by monitoring her body language and behaviors when she isn’t playing. Canines with loose, relaxed muscles and posture that exhibit calm behaviors are almost always happy and content. On the other hand, stiff, tense muscles and frantic behaviors are strong indications that your pooch is nervous or anxious about something. In many cases, dogs will develop phobias and anxieties centered around certain objects and events, such as loud, disruptive noises, strangers, other animals or vehicle rides. If you notice your dog isn’t projecting a calm, relaxed energy when they should be, be sure to consult with your veterinarian. They can set you up with a number of strategies and pet-friendly products to help her regain a calm demeanor. For example, our Canna Companion supplement is incredibly effective at encouraging a calm, normal demeanor in dogs.


As pack animals, dogs are inherently social creatures. And while some of them might dislike the presence of certain types of animals, most dogs are more than eager to meet and play with new pets and people. When you take your pooch to a local dog park or other locations with animals or people she hasn’t met yet, take a moment to observe how she treats them.  Dogs who pleasantly greet strangers are usually in very high spirits. However, if your pup gets aggressive or becomes anxious around new people or animals, it’s a strong indication that she’s not happy. That being said, not all dogs are eager or comfortable with strangers. Talking to your veterinarian about these potentially problematic, anti-social behaviors is the best way to sort out what kind of behavior is and is not normal and work towards a solution.

Enthusiasm for Playing and Other Activities

Regardless of their age, all happy canines adore daily walks and play sessions with their favorite people. Of course, older dogs might not be as eager to bound around the house or chase after rabbits as their younger counterparts, but they’ll still get excited at the prospect of getting outside and moving their bodies. If your pooch seems unwilling to participate in activities they usually enjoy, that’s a strong indication that they aren’t feeling well. Loss of enthusiasm can be linked to depression, sickness and even injuries, so be sure to check in with your veterinarian to sort out the cause of your dog’s reluctance as soon as you can.

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