cGMPs: What Are They & Why Do They Matter?



cGMPs: What are they?

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP’s) play a critical role in quality and safety in the manufacturing of consumer products. But what are cGMP’s? They are a set of rules and regulations mandated by the FDA to assure consumers the products they buy are quality products and safe for the intended consumer. The FDA has outlined specific industry standard rules manufacturers must follow in order to sell their products.  Furthermore, FDA officers will audit manufacturing facilities at random to ensure compliance, that facilities are properly following cGMP guidelines.


Why do cGMP’s matter in a manufacturing facility? 

cGMP’s are observable practices that establish a baseline for standards within the manufacturing facility.  Basic hygiene is a critical one which requires facilities enforce strict hand washing policies, as well as provide thorough employee training for food handling.  In addition, cGMP’s cover every reasonably foreseeable potential for adulteration within a manufacturing facility from receiving ingredients and packaging to shipping supplements to your home.  Because these regulations encompass all aspects of the manufacturing process, cGMP’s establish rules for manufacturing operations to help ensure a consistent and unadulterated product for consumers is produced.  

One way in which manufacturers are held responsible for cGMP standards is via standard operating procedures (SOP’s).  Employees receive must receive training on SOPs and have access to those documents for reference. Using easy to follow but thorough instructions and checklists provides a quality product and ensures compliance in all cGMP practices.   


How does Canna Companion comply with cGMPs?

Canna Companion strives to be a leader in cGMP compliance not only to ensure the quality of our products, but to set an example in the animal health industry. We truly care about our customers and their pets, which means we take these obligations very seriously, and we do so happily. 

The potential for contamination occurrence within a manufacturing facility is easily deterred with the right cGMPs in place.  Canna Companion manufacturing employees work dutifully throughout the day to ensure your product is of the highest quality.  

We utilize many procedures during our daily, weekly, and monthly routines, including cleaning checklists and a specific flow of movement within the facility.  The latter helps limit exposure to sensitive items like ingredients, while providing readily accessible ‘normal’ areas for office needs and employee lockers and breaks. In addition, the facility contains personal protective equipment (PPE) lists and materials at all stations, making it easy for employees to adhere to regulations.   

By testing each ingredient before it comes in, we make sure our ingredients are up to standard before they even enter into the production stream. This includes a barrage of laboratory tests: potency (% of cannabinoids), terpene & microbial analyses, mycotoxin levels, and residual solvent analysis.  We also test for pesticides and heavy metals, all via a third party state-registered facility.  

Before setting foot in Canna Companion’s manufacturing areas, employees and visitors put a protective gown and clean room shoes.  And of course, before work can begin we wash our hands; when employees work with product or equipment, gloves are always worn. 

These are just a few of the cGMPs we have in place here at Canna Companion to help protect your product. We take the time to do these things because we care! We do this enthusiastically in order to reassure our customers that the product they are giving to their furry family member is of the highest quality.   

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