Support Your Pet’s Digestive System with Canna Companion

What pet owner hasn’t woken up or come home to a mess on the carpet at one point or another? Cats and dogs have sensitive digestive systems that can be upset by a range of issues, from anxiety to eating the wrong thing. Sometimes, it may seem like your pet’s stomach is irritated for no reason at all!

Dog digestive system diagramIntestinal distress is no fun for anyone—not only does it leave a mess for you to clean up, it can cause your pet discomfort in the form of bloating, diarrhea, and gas. So how can pet parents best keep their furry friends comfortable?Canna Companion makes life a little easier for your pet by helping to keep his or her digestive system in prime condition.

The digestive system has pretty big jobs in the body, and this essential system can always use support to keep running smoothly. Through in-depth study of the endocannabinoid system, Canna Companion has developed a hemp supplement that works to maintain a healthy GI tract by supporting your pet’s digestive processes.

How Canna Companion Maintains a Healthy GI Tract

Your cat or dog may seem to have an iron stomach, but all it takes is a piece of spoiled food or substance that doesn’t agree with your pet to throw off the entire digestive process. With proper supplement administration and additional care, Canna Companion can help keep your pet happy and healthy, lessening the chance of you coming home to a mess and an uncomfortable dog or cat.

Our 20 years of research into the endocannabinoid system have resulted in a formula that taps into the power of the Cannabis sativa plant to convey a variety of benefits, including digestive support. And because our pet supplements utilize hemp instead of marijuana, they provide those advantages while minimizing the negative side effects commonly caused by marijuana, such as incontinence and aggression.

Does your pet struggle with swallowing pills? Don’t worry! Depending on your dog or cat’s individual health needs, your pet can enjoy the GI tract benefits of Canna Companion in liquid or capsule form. Schedule a veterinary consultation to learn more about how our high-quality supplements can benefit your pet.

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