Improving Your Dog’s Joint Health with CBD for Pets




Nothing conveys pure joy like a pup chasing after its favorite ball! That contagious joy exists because of thoughtful owners who put care into their pet’s happiness and well-being.

Mobility is a crucial part of your pet’s overall health and quality of life. As humans, we sustain our own mobility by staying active, taking care of our bodies, and using the correct supplements to keep us moving.

We make these health-conscious choices for ourselves. Our pets depend on us to do the same for them. For many pets, a natural dog joint supplement can help keep them active and playful well into their senior years.

What Causes Joint Discomfort for Dogs?

Often, pets and humans both share the same irritating effects from joint discomfort. Joint discomfort is often characterized by stiffness, tenderness, and limited mobility in areas like knees, ankles, hips, and shoulders, though all joints have the potential to be impacted.

Old age

As the years go by, it is natural for the cartilage to deteriorate. This is the padding that exists between joints and helps to cushion the impact of movement.


Active dogs generally live great, happy lives. But, constant movement can also weaken joints over time. This is very common for working dogs or dogs that often go on long hikes.


Even after they are fully healed, injuries can cause points of weakness that never regain full stability.

6 Signs of Your Dog’s Hindered Mobility

Pets cannot just tell their human companions when this “wear and tear” is bothering them. Here are several indicators that your pet may be experiencing joint discomfort:

  1. Reluctant to walk – You may notice a pet that is normally excited to get up and walk prefers to stay mobile. They may even plant their paws and refuse.
  2. Sleeping more often – A typically active dog showing lethargic signs may experience joint discomfort when moving.
  3. Stiffness – Stiffness is often visually apparent when a pet is walking, or sitting without bending the joint.
  4. Restlessness – A pet that is feeling uncomfortable may change positions often.
  5. No jumping – Whether your pet isn’t jumping up on people or refusing to hop into a car or seat, this can be a sign of joint discomfort.
  6. Slow to get up and down – When you are stiff, getting out of bed can be a slow process. The same is true for dogs experiencing joint discomfort.

You love your pet and never want them to be uncomfortable. If your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms, consider contacting your veterinarian.

It’s important to know what joint discomfort signs to look for, your dog will certainly appreciate your caring efforts.

How Does Cannabis and CBD for Dogs Help with Joint Discomfort?

CBD is a major cannabinoid (cannabis molecule) patented as an antioxidant by the U.S. government over 20 years ago. Antioxidants have the ability to help reduce oxidative stress found with joint discomfort.


Cartilage is a flexible, firm connective tissue that cushions the space between joints and bones. As the cartilage deteriorates, these areas become more exposed and irritated over time.


Chronic wear and tear or irritation can create further joint stress and produce free radicals. When one free radical arises it seeks to steal an electron from another to find balance. This creates another free radical and the cascade of irritation commences.

By donating an electron to the free radical, antioxidant molecules alleviate this type of irritation. This effectively neutralizes joint pain. Because of this, giving your pet a natural dog joint supplement containing cannabis makes sense.

Canna Companion’s Joint Support CBD Capsules for Dogs

CBD interacts with your pet’s natural endocannabinoid system to improve joint flexibility. It’s helpful to choose CBD for dogs that is precisely formulated for the needs of your pet.

Hemp-based ratioed compounds

Our joint support CBD capsules for dogs are made with a proprietary formula of hemp-based cannabinoids. For enhanced effects, our supplements are a balanced blend of the cannabinoids CBD, THC, CBN, CBG, CBDA, CBC, and specific terpene profiles.

Supports normal joint function

Keep your pet jumping, running, and rolling over comfortably with natural support.

Carefully formulated with your pet’s size in mind

Animals have sensitive endocannabinoid systems so the amount you give is important. Many companies provide generic “pet CBD” leaving you to determine how much to give. Though every pet is different, we provide different products based on size.

Potential benefits

There are a lot of potential benefits of dog CBD joint supplements. This includes an increased range of motion, flexibility, and improved comfort for your pet to do all its normal activities.

Should You Give Your Dog a CBD Joint Supplement?

Increasing and maintaining mobility is an essential part of your pet’s quality of life and should be a priority in your pet care routine.

Canna Companion is committed to providing quality pet CBD products for a more natural lifestyle. CBD joint capsules for dogs are a great addition to your pet’s healthy routine.

Our team of veterinary professionals proudly provides quality pet products to enhance the quality of your furry family member.


All Canna Companion Blogs are approved by veterinary professionals including the product development veterinarians.

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