Relaxation Tips for Holiday Stress




With Fall and Winter holiday celebrations right around the corner, we’d like to take a few minutes to provide some relaxation tips for your pets. 

Create a safe space. While some love all the excitement in the air, others become overwhelmed causing anxiousness or reactivity. Make sure that your pet has a place of their own to retreat to when they need a little peace. 


Keep to the routine. We know it’s hard this time of year, but it’s vitally important for your pet’s emotional state that you do your best to stick with regular feeding and exercise regimens. These two small things offer stability and much needed bonding time with their favorite human. 


Limit treats. This is even harder than sticking with a routine but equally important. Too many treats, even if the healthy kind, can upset the GI tract causing discomfort, vomiting and diarrhea — all things that add to everyone’s stress. 


Diffuse soothing essential oils. Essential oils contain terpenes that provide a soothing effect on all aspects of the body, no matter if you’re a fur kid or a pet parent. Lavender, chamomile and vetiver are all good choices and can be mixed with other favorite scents. Make sure you choose high quality oils like Mountain Rose Herbs, AnimalEO, doTerra and similar. 

Give a little CBD. Even if your pet loves this time of year, it can still become a bit much and CBD can help calm their systems. For the pet who loves holidays, give a single dose anytime they seem a little frazzled. For those who need a little more support, give our CBD oil as labeled through the New Year. For those who need a lot of support, consider 2x the labeled amount of oil or adding an oil into an existing capsule-based CBD maintenance regime.


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