Xena celebrated her second birthday this February 🙂 Since our last email, Xena has come out of her shell a bit more. She started laying on her side on the floor in September; she never used to do that before! She continues to be a “lap cat” in certain places in our home… kitchen chair, couch, or toilet lol. There are still certain noises that she will startle with but I am working on desensitizing her to as many as I can, using clicker training. She seems to be more comfortable around us and even began sleeping on the bed with us another first! I bought her a snuggler bed a few weeks ago and she LOVES it! Food anxiety has lessened a little bit since I started feeding 3 times a day a few weeks back. I added canned pumpkin about 2 months ago… which she LOVES… and recently discovered she likes peas (she stole some out of the kitchen sink lol). All in all, Xena has progressed nicely since starting the hemp on May 19, 2020.