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Your dog deserves the best, and we all know it. But with the many flashy products and supplements on the market, how do you know what the best really is? Many pet parents are constantly on the lookout for any promising way to support their pup’s well-being. CBD for dogs may seem like the newest in a long list of fads, but this resource has actually been studied for decades—and it shows great promise in helping dogs stay happy and healthy. 


The cannabis plant contains a huge number of chemical compounds. We’ve discovered 545 so far, but there remains more to be found. Many of these compounds offer substantial health benefits for mammals. Consequently, hemp supplements that utilize these compounds can be used to support and maintain the long-term health and well-being of companion animals. 


At Canna Companion, we’re passionate about teaching pet parents across the nation about the incredible impact that cannabis can have on their favorite four-legged friends. Today, we’ll be discussing one of the most potent and effective chemical compounds that hemp products can provide for dogs: cannabidiol. 

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What Is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a powerful chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. It’s one of over 80 chemical compounds that are known as cannabinoids (compounds that are secreted by cannabis flowers). When cannabis is consumed, these cannabinoids bind to receptor sites that are located throughout the body. 


Bear in mind that cannabinoids have a different effect on the system depending on which specific receptors they connect with, and some of the compounds have a stronger affinity for certain receptors. For example, the compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) prefers to tie with receptors in the brain, and CBD prefers to connect with receptors throughout the rest of the body. As a result, each type of cannabis product has a unique “cannabinoid profile” to provide different types of relief through the stimulation of certain receptors. 


With the right ratio of chemical compounds, CBD formulated for dogs can support the health and function of the endocannabinoid system, which is the homeostatic receptor system in the body that listens to and corrects cellular stress chemokine production. A stable endocannabinoid system results in further support for a number of physiologic and pathophysiologic processes in dogs. 

THC Strains vs. CBD Strains

A vast majority of pet cannabis products either contain no-THC or high-CBD formulations. The primary difference between the two compounds is that CBD isn’t psychoactive. Unlike THC, strains that contain high amounts of CBD won’t make your animal feel intoxicated or “high,” but they can unbalance the cannabis receptor system.  In fact, CBD actually counteracts and mitigates the psychoactive effects of THC. As a result, when dogs ingest a cannabis product that contains more CBD than THC, they receive many of the benefits of the plant without experiencing the negative side effects of THC, including that “high” or “stoned” feeling.

The Benefits of CBD

CBD produces a calming effect on the mind, which is incredibly useful for dogs that are struggling with situational anxiety, behavioral problems, or sleep loss. Because CBD is a type of cannabinoid, it has the capacity to bind to cannabinoid receptors, allowing your pet to benefit from its phenomenal effects on mood, memory, immune function, and more. Last but not least, recent research has shown that CBD exhibits properties which improve mobility and overall comfort, making it a great tool for managing and assisting with a wide range of body processes.

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Choosing the Right Cannabis Supplement for Your Dog

By investing in high-quality pet supplements that make use of cannabis compounds, you can provide your dog with all of the support he or she needs to stay happy and healthy for years and years to come. However, it’s imperative to understand what’s actually in the products that you give your dog. While hemp and marijuana are both types of cannabis, they can have very different effects on your pup. 


Marijuana contains much higher concentrations of THC than hemp, allowing it to create powerful feelings of euphoria. This effect can promote relaxation and relief of stress for humans, but the same is not true for animals. Regrettably, marijuana supplements can cause a multitude of problems for cats and dogs, including:


  • Low blood pressure
  • Increased anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Incontinence
  • Inability to walk straight
  • Extreme lethargy or excessive pacing


Additionally, despite the fact that medical marijuana is legal in over 20 U.S. states, it’s still illegal to possess marijuana pet supplements in many parts of the country. The takeaway here is that, if you’re interested in the benefits of CBD for dogs, avoid marijuana products—and their adverse effects. 


Hemp supplements for pets are much safer for your dog and are designed to give her all of the benefits of cannabis while minimizing its potential negative side effects. Furthermore, unlike marijuana, hemp is completely legal to possess in any part of the United States, allowing you to provide optimal care for your animal without worrying about legal complications or consequences.

Canna Companion

Canna Companion is a unique blend of hemp that’s designed to magnify the benefits of cannabis while negating the drawbacks and euphoric effects of THC found in marijuana. Each capsule contains a mixture of ingredients that are naturally found in the cannabis plant. When creating our supplements, we use the entire cannabis plant (including the stalks, seeds, and stems) rather than relying solely on its flowers. This revolutionary technique actually increases the benefits of our products and further mitigates the adverse effects of THC. We also maintain strict quality standards to ensure that your dog receives the best and most effective product possible.Cannabis CapsulesYou can use Canna Companion to help support and maintain your dog’s overall quality of life, as well as to target key issues like short-term anxiety. Here are some of the incredible benefits that our products can provide:

GI Tract Support

Your dog’s digestive system does a lot, from absorbing vital nutrients to expelling solid waste. A huge number of organs need to work together to accomplish these necessary tasks, and if one is thrown off, the entire system suffers. Contrary to popular belief, dogs don’t have iron stomachs—and anything from a foreign object to an allergen could cause upset in one or more parts of the GI tract. Our hemp supplements help to support proper GI tract health in dogs, putting your furry friend in a better position to handle stomach and intestinal discomfort. 


It’s imperative to keep your dog’s immune system in good condition to protect them from the range of microbes that are constantly being introduced into their system. A healthy, functioning immune system helps dogs fend off the daily onslaught and stay in top form. Canna Companion supports your dog’s first and best line of defense so she can play longer with her favorite human.  

Mobility and Joint Support

Whether your dog loves to play fetch, swim, or just go for walks, mobility is a key component in his quality of life. But as canines age, they begin to slow down and may lose some range of motion. Daily exercise and activity can cause discomfort in older dogs and discourage them from enjoying life to the fullest. Canna Companion supplements mitigate this issue by supporting general joint health and reducing joint discomfort associated with regular activity. 


All dogs respond to stress differently. Some might love car rides, while others dread them. Situational stressors like thunderstorms and fireworks can cause anxiety in many dogs because they see those loud noises as an unknown threat. You might notice that anxiety being expressed in destructive ways, like tearing up furniture or excessive barking, or just restless pacing and panting. Specially formulated CBD for dogs can help with that anxiety! Canna Companion encourages a calm and relaxed demeanor in dogs, aiding them in the process of overcoming temporary and/or situational anxieties.

Capsule or CBD Oil?

If your dog has a hard time taking pills or is in need of more immediate support for his endocannabinoid system, we also offer a high-quality Whole Plant Hemp Oil that conveys the same benefits of our capsules. Remember that each dog will respond to CBD differently, and you may find that you need to adjust her individual dosage of CBD oil or switch to an extra strength capsule over the regular option. If you’re interested in trying a CBD product for dogs but aren’t sure how to proceed, reach out to a veterinarian to discuss your dog’s specific needs.

Order Canna Companion for Your Dog Today

Check out our online shop to learn more about our quality hemp supplements and find the perfect product for your dog. Just be sure to consult with your veterinarian before starting your pup on any new supplement regimen. 


Finally, if you have any questions about cannabis for dogs or the effects of CBD, don’t hesitate to call or message us today. We value the health of your dog just as much as you do, and we’d be happy to connect you with any additional information or resources that you need to take care of them. 

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