Giving CBD for Your Pet’s Anxiousness


Perhaps you have the most cheerful dog imaginable, yet he becomes apprehensive in unfamiliar surroundings. Alternatively, your affectionate cat may exhibit aggression when faced with the prospect of a car ride in her carrier. While these situations might not evoke fear in us, our pets perceive the world differently: anything they interpret as a threat can trigger feelings of anxiety, fear, and nervousness.

Events such as being separated from you, transitioning to a new home, or encountering a new family member can all provoke stress in your pet. Additionally, thunderstorms and fireworks are common sources of anxiety for many animals. Imagine being in their position: hearing a loud, frightening noise without understanding its origin. It’s natural for them to feel uneasy.

When pets experience stress or anxiousness, they may manifest their fear through negative behaviors such as furniture destruction and indoor accidents, or via emotional outbursts like aggression and excessive vocalization. However, you don’t have to accept these challenges as inevitable. Veterinary guidance and CBD administration can significantly alleviate your pet’s distress. Canna Companion uses multiple compounds naturally found in cannabis plants to help pets relax in the face of situational stressors.


Let’s discuss some ways to help your pet during stressful times. Dr. Brandon has the following tips to recommend: 

Mild Anxiousness

Anxiousness is only seen with specific situations; responses are mild & quickly resolve.

  • In this case, using CBD oil by mouth for fast absorption about 1 hour before the event can greatly reduce your pet’s stress.
  • CBD causes the release of calming chemicals within the body, and when combined with other compounds like CBN and linalool  your pet is able to handle the additional stressor without fuss. 

Moderate Anxiousness

Pets are often mildly reactive to normal daily stressors; responses increase with triggers and can take a few hours to return to their normal state.

  • Administration of low dose CBD on a regular basis helps reduce negative reactions to normal daily stressors like you headed to work each morning.
  • Give a Neurological Support CBD capsule once daily in the evenings and expect improvement in reactivity within a few weeks.
  • A few days before a known stressor, start giving 1 capsule twice daily; expect mild sedation and minimal anxiousness during trigger events. 

Severe Anxiousness

Pets with emotional imbalances show stressful responses daily, ranging from panting & pacing, to hiding to excessive barking or even crankiness towards their favorite housemate. Responses to triggers like fireworks can be extreme – running into walls in an effort to escape the perceived threat – and pets are often unconsolable for hours to days after the event. 

  • Give Neurological Support CBD capsules twice daily (once daily for cats) and add CBD oil appropriate for your pets species and size 2 days before a trigger.
  • Give CBD oil alongside their capsule plus an additional dose 1 hr before the trigger.
  • You may need to give 2x the labeled amount and sedation is expected so they can rest rather than panic during the trigger. 


By getting ahead of anxiousness, you can help your pet respond in a more balanced manner the next time a trigger stresses them. CBD in combination with other compounds helps you achieve this goal and Canna Companion veterinary professionals are here if you have any questions. 


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