How to Promote Neurological Support with CBD for Dogs



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We, as pet parents, spend a lot of time thinking about ways to keep our pets physically healthy. This may include offering a healthy diet, remembering annual veterinary examinations, providing joint supplements to keep them mobile, and more.

However, one area of pet wellness that should not be overlooked is neurological support.

What is the Nervous System?

Much like our own, the nervous system controls your pet’s physical movement, emotional behavior, and more. For a dog, the nervous system makes up:

  • the brain
  • spinal cord
  • nerves that travel between the brain, spinal cord and throughout your dog’s body)

Additionally, the nervous system is made up of two subsystems:

Central Nervous System

The Central Nervous System (CNS) comprises the brain and spinal cord. The brain uses nerves to relay messages to the rest of the body. These messages are carried by the spinal cord.

Peripheral Nervous System

There are two main systems in the peripheral nervous system (PNS) that control the way you process and react to information. The autonomic system functions without you having to consciously think about it and the somatic system controls the conscious processes. There are three main jobs of your pet’s healthy PNS:

  • Senses – How the brain gets information about your surroundings.
  • Movement – PNS consciously delivers command signals to muscles in the body.
  • Unconscious processes – The brain automates critical processes like blood pressure and heartbeats.

Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a direct component of the entire nervous system and is crucial for optimal neurologic functionality.

The ECS is made up of endocannabinoid receptors that use retrograde communication to talk to one another when something is out of balance.

Endocannabinoids, like CBD and other plant compounds, interact with the ECS to support its functions and help support and maintain balance in the body. This includes a number of healthy responses, such as:

  • normal irritation
  • mobility
  • sleep patterns and other normal body functions

How to Promote Brain Health for Your Dog

A recent study found that having a pet can boost your (human) brain health. Wouldn’t it be great to return the favor?

Here are some ways that you can help boost your pet’s brain health:

A balanced diet containing omegas and vitamin B.

Optimal eating habits play a big part in your own health and wellness. It makes sense that it would be the same for your pet.

The price tag on pet food does not always mean it is best for your pet. Just like humans, nutritional needs can differ based on age, life situation, and personal preference.

Fish and algae are easy additions to your pet’s diet that contribute some very important nutritional elements. This includes omega fatty acids to lubricate joints and vitamin B to promote nerve growth.

Keep them stimulated with play

You can help promote your pet’s brain health by keeping them active and engaged with games that incorporate movement and mental stimulation..

  • Consider games like fetch and tug-o-war. These games require a combination of different large and fine motor skills along with different muscle groups.
  • For mental stimulation, treat-motivated games like hide and seek or special feeding rewards are great.
  • Command practices like sit, stay, and roll over, may seem simple, but they will help keep your pet’s brain engaged.

During the normal aging process your pet may become less active, but that does not mean they should be inactive. Play and activity is a great way to boost your pet’s quality of life and brain health in a way that is also fun for you and your family.

Use Canna Companion Neurological Support CBD Capsules for Dogs

A normal functioning endocannabinoid system promotes physical and mental wellness for your pet. Canna Companion neurological support CBD capsules for dogs are carefully formulated to support your pet’s normal ECS and neurological function using hemp-based ratioed cannabinoids.

Over 20 years ago, CBD was patented as an antioxidant and neuroprotectant by the U.S. government because of research demonstrating the benefits that this natural compound can have on our wellness.

For dogs, this is no different. In fact, CBD for pets has become a wildly more holistic and natural approach to give your furry friend the care they need.

Wellness Through Pet Friendly CBD

Canna Companion’s Neuro Support CBD Capsules for dogs are thoughtfully formulated with natural, full-spectrum hemp oil for a pet’s neurological wellness.

To take out some of the guesswork, these CBD capsules for dogs are conveniently dosed for your pet’s weight. By supporting their neurologic well-being, you can have a big impact on helping your pet stay happy and healthy.

Book a free consultation if you would like to learn more about how CBD for dogs helps provide a happier, healthier life.

All Canna Companion Blogs are approved by veterinary professionals including the product development veterinarians.

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