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We love our clients and love helping their pets even more. That’s why Canna Companion offers several different programs and features to help pet parents. We especially like our Dosing Calculator that allows pet parents to compare their current CBD product with Canna Companion’s CBD products. Just plug in the information from the bottle’s label, add a few pieces of information about your pet, and we’ll show you how long your current CBD bottle lasts, cost per dose and cost per month. We’ll even show you comparable Canna Companion products so you never have to guess which CBD product is best for your pet. 


Capsule/Chew Example

Pet: 70 lb 10 yr dog with joint stiffness

Cost of current product: $31.99

Product type: chew

Mg of CBD: 6 

Per: chew

Chew quantity per container: 30

Chew quantity per dose: 3

Receives as dose: as needed

Number of doses/mo: 30




Tincture/Oil Example

Pet: 70 lb 10 yr dog needing neurological support

Cost of current product: $79.99

Product type: tincture (oil)

Mg of CBD: 600

Per: bottle

Total ml per bottle: 30

ML per dose: 1

Receives a dose: daily



When your dog or cat needs the best and most cost effective CBD product, Canna Companion delivers. Our woman owned and operated company uses only organic ingredients and carries the NASC Seal. We value the environment and actively pursue Sustainable practices.

Take a look at our cat-specific oil and capsule line, or if your dog is in need of ECS support, look at our Joint or Neurological Support capsule formulations and oils.

Our products are veterinary formulated and our customer service and consultation services are operated by veterinary professionals. If your pet’s ECS needs fall within the gastrointestinal, emotional or immune systems, contact us for more assistance. We’ll help you pick the ideal CBD product for your pet’s specific needs!

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