5 Myths and Truths About CBD for Pets



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Over the last decade, CBD (cannabidiol) has been gaining popularity among pet parents and animal care providers. There has been an outpouring of research delving deep into the mechanics of the way the body uses cannabis and the many benefits of CBD for pets. However, there is still plenty of inaccurate, misinformed, outdated, and misleading information circulating through various media channels.

Like you, we at Canna Companion only want the facts, not the hearsay. Here are some of the most common myths about CBD for pets and the truths that you were looking for, along with the scientific facts to support them.

Myth 1: CBD for pets can only be given for anxiousness.

Truth: CBD is one of many compounds the endocannabinoid system utilizes to correct cellular stress within the body. This stress can be located in any tissue and at any stage of health.

When it comes to our furry friends, healthy older joints appreciate a little pet CBD as it assists with mobility. Those pets experiencing any temporary stress-related GI upset often feel better with CBD administration. It should be noted that any animal CBD product works best when administered alongside other cannabinoids including THC and CBD, to activate the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is a complex theory about how a combination of multiple cannabinoids consumed produces more harmonious, therapeutic effects to keep your pet’s body balanced.

Myth 2: Pet CBD causes liver enzyme elevation/damage

Truth: When administered individually and in large amounts, CBD can indeed cause liver stress enzyme elevation.

You may see this type of product labeled as CBD “isolate.” It is important to ensure the pet CBD products you choose are “full-spectrum,” meaning they contain multiple types of cannabinoids and other natural plant compounds. Thus far, no liver value elevations have been reported when using products containing ratios of multiple cannabinoids, such as CBD:THC 2:1-10:1 at < 2 mg/kg CBD.

Canna Companion’s CBD products for pets use balanced quantities of CBD much lower than the risked amount and always contain other cannabinoids for full-spectrum effects.

Myth 3: CBD for pets can’t be used with prescription drugs 

Truth: Clinical studies have found CBD can be given alongside prescription medications at low doses, like those found in Canna Companion products. Some prescription drugs are metabolized in the liver by p450 enzymes; CBD as a single compound can antagonize the effects of p450, potentially altering the effective dose of the prescription drug.

  • CBD, when administered in small quantities alongside other cannabinoids like THC, has a much smaller impact on p450 and doesn’t appear to have any negative effects on prescription medication responses.
  • Concurrent use of CBD:THC 2:1-10:1 at standard doses (<2 mg/kg) appears well tolerated; caution applies when considering concurrent use of CBD only products or high doses of CBD (ratioed or single compound).

Myth 4: Pets build up a tolerance to CBD and need to take more

Truth: CBD tolerance doesn’t occur in pets as long as they are taking a product with CBD:THC 2:1-10:1. Tolerance occurs when a substance requires larger amounts of it to achieve the same effects and requires certain parameters to be met.

In the case of CBD, tolerance will only occur with moderate to high doses of CBD administered over long periods. For example, a pet taking CBD isolate oil for joint support may have improved mobility for the first 4 months of administration, only to seem stiff and less enthusiastic about walks even with significantly increased amounts.

This tolerance to the joint supportive effects of CBD isn’t seen when taking a balanced product because the cannabis receptors remain balanced. That balance allows for ongoing benefits of CBD without needing to increase the amount administered. It should be noted that younger patients taking a balanced product may need a slightly higher amount when older.

This isn’t tolerance so much as the body’s aging process means more areas of stress are present, and more CBD is needed to manage that stress.

Myth 5: THC is toxic to pets

Truth: In hindsight, nearly all substances are toxic to pets and humans alike, especially when administered in extreme amounts or alongside compounds that enhance negative effects.

If THC is administered to pets as a single compound, at high doses, or with other similarly acting compounds, then toxicity is likely to occur. THC toxicity in pets is often represented by severe dysphoria, sensitivity to light and sound, inability to walk, urinary leakage, and vomiting.

It is almost always secondary to administration or inadvertent ingestion of marijuana or marijuana-based extracts. However, when administered in very small amounts or with CBD, THC is very beneficial. The presence of a little THC helps keep the pet’s endocannabinoid system balanced, enhances the benefits of CBD and mitigates side effects like sedation.

Used in this manner and within CBD:THC 2:1-10:1, pets can take smaller amounts of both compounds while realizing all the benefits and limiting the presence of any side effects.

Quality CBD Pet Products

Of all the cannabis myths out there, the important truth that you should also know is that not all CBD pet products are the same. Canna Companion is a veterinarian-owned company. We understand how our products interact with your pet’s body and are committed to providing CBD for pets that contain accurate, beneficial cannabinoid and terpene profiles. 

All of our products are third-party tested, so you know exactly what is in each bottle or package. This strict process includes detecting any contamination as well as accurate levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. All of these results are recorded in a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each product batch and made publicly available.

If you have any other questions about our pet-friendly CBD products, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

All Canna Companion Blogs are approved by veterinary professionals including the product development veterinarians.

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